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What is PPC advertising?

Like it or not, abbreviations overflow the online world. You don’t have to memorize them all, but for online success some of them are very important to understand. Our experience as a Port Elizabeth agency shows conclusively that every online trader should know that PPC (Pay per Click) is an abbreviation. You certainly saw PPC in action even if you don’t know what these letters represent. You must have noticed the ads that appear next to the results of Google’s search? These adverts offer products that are likely to be interested in buying by searchers with that keyword. They also do not appear by chance–sellers pay for the appearance of their advertisements for these products.

In some ways, PPC is the online equivalent of placing a billboard at a busy street corner, but the targeting is more accurate and the potential number of viewers multiplies over many times. While it may take a while to filter through sales results from SEO campaigns, PPC’s digital marketing yields instant results. Only true PPC professionals can determine when and where advertisements need to appear to deliver maximum ROI–that’s where our PORT ELIZABETH PPC agency comes in. We have learned what it takes to maximize your PPC customer pull and boost conversion rates through intensive market research, keyword research and ongoing reviews of our own performance.


To use the full term, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a content writing strategy designed to maximize your website’s traffic. In order to understand how SEO enhances online sales, it is important to appreciate both how search engines work and how users act when searching for products and services online. How do you find out about the great deals you offer online to new customers? Sometimes they follow a friend’s recommendation, but most often they find your website through keyword searches or other website links. Usually most users will not look beyond the first page when the search results appear. Your SEO stinks if your website ends on page 2 or 3! But not everything is lost. Our Port Elizabeth SEO agency is waiting in the wings to come to the rescue.


Unless you’ve been living in a community totally cut off from modern communications for the past twenty years, you’ll appreciate how social media has become a force to be reckoned with. In addition to revolutionizing personal communications, it also created a range of new business opportunities that you can’t afford to ignore. It’s easy enough to set up online blogs and join social media forums, but promoting your product online effectively isn’t that simple. Our Port Elizabeth social media agency’s knowledge and skills can pave the way for your success in this area.

In the earliest stages of the website development process, building your social media presence begins. Our agency is able to configure effectively a two-way data exchange between your website and forums on social media. In this way posts on your blog and other positive commercial information also gets posted on relevant social media, and their positive views get an airing on your website. By keeping a close watch on what is happening in this dynamic communications environment we regularly revise our strategies for putting across your business message most effectively.


Email campaigns are like sending off your trip abroad a postcard. It is a fast and effective way to keep your customers up-to-date about what you and your business were up to. Before you jump to conclusions, no, we’re not talking about spam. We’re talking about good quality, interesting reading material to remind people who you are, what you offer and why they should stick with you along their own little adventure.


For each customer, there is no single answer to this question as we provide a custom web design service that is carefully tailored to the needs of each customer.

Please see our web design prices page for a general guide on our pricing. The best way to get an approximate idea of costs is to ask for a quote for web design and within 24 hours one of our team will get back to you.

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