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Social Media

Social Media Marketing is the most powerful way of advertising in 21st Century, do not miss out. Most sales & leads happen from social media ads.  Let us ran your company social media – Contact us for quotes.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way of being discovered by search engine like Google & Bing thus getting people click on your site which will increase your exposure to more people. We have a team of SEO experts ready to advise you.

Logo Design

We have designers ready to create a logo for your business or organization. We carefully craft and design logos from scratch for each client. Do not hesitate to contact us.

E-mail Marketing

Do you need to reach out to thousands and thousands of email list your company already has? we can create an email campaign to send a single email to all customers with one button click.


Taking a company into the future requires an effective digital marketing approach. From social media to advertising and development, online strategy is crucial.

We’ve mastered all trades of traditional media and merged it with the world of digital marketing. We want to share our expertise with you. Because we see the bigger picture, and we see you. We are different. And you can be, too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

One of the best known tactics to pull traffic to your website is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Good SEO requires a thorough understanding of how search engines work, and people are likely to enter keywords when searching for a particular product. It also involves taking a close look at any competitor websites that seem to be performing well. The aim is not to “trick” the search engine algorithms but to make it much more likely that searchers will find your website high up on the search results list

Our digital agency based in Port Elizabeth follows a unified approach to SEO and social media marketing; both are essential tools to promote your brand image in order to attract new customers online. The equation’s SEO side involves close consultation with the customer, thorough keyword research that delivers the best conversion rates. Monitoring and reporting on the progress of the SEO campaign is another important element in this strategy. This enables us to keep our clients fully informed on digital marketing campaign progress.


Another powerful weapon in the armor of any digital marketing agency is PPC (Pay per Click) advertising. Those small advertisements that appear alongside the search results can be highly effective in bringing your website into new custom. PPC has some distinct advantages over SEO from the advertiser’s perspective. Our experience shows that PPC campaign gains come faster than SEO gains, but both should be incorporated into an all-inclusive strategy for digital marketing.

Our PPC strategy for our agency is based on the development, launch and management of economic PPC promotions that deliver excellent conversion rates. We learn about the market of each customer, explore the best keywords to use and set the optimum click rate bid. We configure the website in conjunction with these steps to encourage visitors to become buyers. In particular, we ensure optimization of the landing page according to best practice of PPC.


On the digital marketing scene, social media marketing is gaining prominence. As people, especially the under-thirties, spend more time communicating through Facebook, Twitter and other forums on social media, you also need to be there with your business offering. Our design agency maintains close tabs on all the latest developments in social media. Our social media strategy, in combination with our SEO campaigns, focuses on communicating your product information in a way that inspires viewers to learn more, visit your website, and turn their query into a purchase.

A marketing campaign for social media typically starts with finding out about your product and its market. We are looking closely at what the competitors are doing and drawing the relevant lessons. We plan a marketing campaign for social media that will be well integrated with your other marketing activities. This includes preparing specifically configured content for social media, i.e. interesting and shared content that they want to pass through their social networks. As the results of the campaign are measured against the agreed targets, the impact on sales becomes evident— the ROI is evident

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