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First impressions are made online today and the business website serves as both the front of the shop and the counter of sales. For business, effective web design is good. Shopkeepers have always put a lot of energy into creating an attractive window display to attract the attention of the customer because if a passerby decides to look in the window they are more likely to enter the shop and make a purchase. In a similar manner, businesses need a website design combined with well-written web content that is visually intriguing. Website visitors must be able to learn about the product or service quickly and have the means to make a purchase safely, acquire additional information or contact. When potential customers arrive, they must be encouraged to extend their visit beyond the casual perspective. The product or service offered should be promoted effectively by interesting information and graphics. The number of website visitors who buy products or convert to leads is measured by success. Since a quality website can play a central role in your sales strategy, it is absolutely essential to use a professional web design and development service. The team of experienced web designers assembled by Grand Group Web Design Port Elizabeth appreciates how valuable it is to provide you with a personalized web design–making sure you get a website you love. We know how to analyze your market needs effectively and how to enlist in your service all the latest web technologies. We have the ability for both you and your customers to develop useful web design features.


It is impossible to conjure up the very best business websites like a rabbit from the top hat. Professional knowledge is no substitute. In order to match the website’s requirements, information architecture specialists, marketing analysts, graphic artists, and website development gurus need to draw on all their talents and experience. Everyone is interested in finding ways to attract more visitors to their website and increase the percentage of visitors and conversions, but each customer needs a tailored solution: maybe you need a web development company to revitalize your website to take advantage of some of the latest web technologies, or perhaps the mission is to create a new website from scratch to make the most of it. Maybe your wish list focuses on getting a website which will undoubtedly appeal to a younger audience with a fresh, modern look? You may need a Content Management System (CMS) to help ensure that content on your website can be updated internally? The requirements for web design are as varied as the types of companies that trade online. Above all, this task requires a web development company to deliver web design to your business needs rather than some website package that they are interested in selling to multiple customers. Our reputation lies in ensuring that your business receives a website you love. We listen carefully to your ideas to promote the image of your company and to expand online trading. We have created websites for financial consultants, software firms, entertainment firms, and many other businesses and professionals. Using cutting-edge code and state-of – the-art web solutions, we help our customers gain more leadership, raise brand awareness and expand their online business significantly. For your business, we can definitely do the same. Whatever the mission of designing your website, we are willing to take it on and succeed. Our web design services range from the most basic brochure websites in WordPress optimized for lead generation to full-fledged CMS solutions. Whether it’s a well-established website redesign or a comprehensive new web design and marketing project, we know how to transform the newest and most advanced web design ideas into a highly effective online business reality. Our customers provide the greatest testimony of the value of our website development services: For each customer, there is no single answer to this question as we provide a custom web design service that is carefully tailored to the needs of each customer. Please see our web design prices page for a general guide on our pricing. The best way to get an approximate idea of costs is to ask for a quote for web design and within 24 hours one of our team will get back to you


Web design has its own distinctive challenges for eCommerce. For example, a very important consideration for the web development team is how best to optimize these websites for access from mobile devices. Customers now entering mobile eCommerce websites are a very important part of their customer base. Additional major developer concerns are to make it as easy as possible for visitors to locate the products they need through a finely tuned search function and to ensure that they can shop safely.

Not every web developer understands that effective website development requirements for ecommerce–Grand Group Web Design Port Elizabeth has heavily invested in acquiring this expertise. On the largest and best ecommerce platforms, we design and develop beautiful ecommerce stores. You can be confident that we will more than satisfy your expectations in the web store that we develop for you. Advanced SEO, SSL, order management, and integration of social media are just a few examples of feature-rich website designs that we offer –we leave nothing out! 

See our prices for web design for details of other value – added features that we regularly include in our web designs for ecommerce stores. Our ecommerce development services include Woocommerce development.


Why would you be needing a blog? Maybe you want visitors to read about the latest products from your company or tell them you’ve received some important professional award? Maybe you’re blogging for a charitable or social campaign? For a variety of reasons, organizations and businesses set up blogs, but the most popular blogs share common user-friendly and visually enjoyable designs combined with interesting, well-written and logically arranged content. Visitor expectations are continuously increasing for easy navigation, graphic quality and easy integration with social media. 

We follow the latest trends in blog web development meticulously and regularly improve our methods of web design. Whether you want to create a blog from scratch using a CMS to manage content and design easily, or improve the efficiency of your existing blog by improving SEO and social media integration, we will design and deliver. Our web designers and developers are rapidly assessing your unique needs and building an awesome online sales outlet or platform for promotion. 


If it is poorly maintained, the most attractively designed and well-written website will lose its commercial potential. Regular visitors lose interest when information is not frequently revised and some of them may never return. It should not be neglected with all the web design invested in bringing new potential customers to a website that retains existing customers. As well as renewing website contents, the website controlling CMS requires regular coding updates, improvements in security and other good housekeeping measures. Website and CMS maintenance should not be treated as optional extras by anyone. 

We provide a comprehensive maintenance package for website owners to ensure their online presence continues to fulfill their goals. This service includes content updates for new product offerings, backup of vital customer data, and threat monitoring with the implementation of hacking security measures. Recently published breaches of security on some of the best protected government and business websites show how difficult it is to achieve 100% security. Therefore, we also provide our customers with a fast and accurate data recovery service that protects them from serious damage to the website. 


For each customer, there is no single answer to this question as we provide a custom web design service that is carefully tailored to the needs of each customer.

Please see our web design prices page for a general guide on our pricing. The best way to get an approximate idea of costs is to ask for a quote for web design and within 24 hours one of our team will get back to you.

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